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Profile Rabo Real Estate Group


The companies of Rabo Real Estate Group, Bouwfonds Property Development, MAB Development, FGH Bank, Bouwfonds Investment Management and Public Fund Management Netherlands, are active in every phase of the real estate chain with a unique combination of activities, development, financing and investment management.

Bundled Capacities

Each business unit has its specific expertise, experience and strengths. As a group, we have bundled capacities in the area of property development and real estate related services, enabling us to make a relevant contribution to the success of the Rabobank Group.

Achieving Ambitions

Achieving the ambitions of customers and clients in the areas of housing, working, shopping and recreation takes centre stage in all our actions. We also offer funds for those wishing to invest in a pleasant and sustainable environment.

Sustainable Partnerships

Whether the focus is on development, financing or investing: the property market is characterised by long-term processes. But that is just one of the reasons why we strive to achieve long-term relationships with our customers, clients, the government and other market parties. We believe in the power of sustainable partnerships. That is why we invest in the relationships with our partners. We work together intensively and passionately to achieve a single objective: realising our clients’ property ambitions.

Part of Rabobank Group

Because we are part of the Rabobank Group, we have access to sufficient financial strength and can optimally utilise all of the opportunities that Rabobank and its network have to offer.

Innovative Products

The mutual cooperation within Rabo Real Estate Group and with the business units of the Rabobank Group generates compelling innovative products and services.

A few specific examples:

  • Customers purchasing a new-built, low-energy home are eligible for a higher mortgage with Rabobank.
  • Bouwfonds Property Development and MAB Development work in tandem with local Rabobanks in project development, in marketing the properties and in creating attractive mortgages for customers.
  • FGH Bank supports local banks by analysing applications for property financing and in revisions of financial interests, and FGH Vastgoed Expertise provides portfolio analyses.
  • Bouwfonds Investment Management is successfully cooperating with Robeco Germany in the placement of a European property fund.