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MAB Development


MAB Development develops commercial real estate and high-quality multifunctional projects with focus on retail.

Living, Working, Shopping and Recreation

The expansion market is gradually transforming into a redevelopment market. Therein lies the strength of MAB Development. Our inner urban redevelopment projects result in sustainable and successful living, working, shopping and recreation combinations. Our concepts emanate vision and creativity. Our projects integrate shops, theatres, libraries, museums, film theatres and hospitality businesses, stimulating the quality of living cities can offer.

Vision, Knowledge and Experience

Real estate should serve the end users and contribute to the quality of society. Our vision, knowledge and experience are what have firmly embedded MAB Development in the Netherlands, Germany and France for decades.

KP Investments

KP Investments is part of Rabo Real Estate Group en consists of specialists with a background in property development, asset management and financing. KP Investments continues to develop the projects  Palais Quartierl (Frankfurt) and Oosterdokseiland (Amsterdam) and to optimise project elements that are already in operation.