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FGH Bank


FGH Bank has been the specialist in financing commercial real estate since 1890. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum. FGH Bank is active in property finance in the offices, retail property, industrial premises and property investment markets, for example. We also offer all possible types of property finance: from land loans and construction loans to operational leasing, balance sheet financing and structured finance.

Regional offices

Our strength lies in our locally-oriented know-how and competencies. FGH Bank’s regional offices constitute a network covering all of the Netherlands. Each is strongly embedded in its own specific economic region.


FGH Bank has a large number of specialists in a wide range of areas of expertise. These include property analysts, appraisers, constructional engineers and risk analysts, for example. But also experts specialised in law and taxation. Combined with our vision on commercial property, this expertise enables FGH Bank to provide customised solutions. No matter what type of property transaction is involved.

RNHB Hypotheekbank

FGH Bank does more than providing property finance. FGH Bank focuses on the middle segment of the real estate market with its brand RNHB Hypotheekbank, through both the direct channel and agents.