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FGH Bank

FGH Bank to be integrated into Rabobank

FGH Bank is to be integrated into Rabobank as the centre of expertise for commercial real estate. The integration is part of strategic and cultural moves by the Rabobank designed to shape ‘One Rabobank’. This bringing together and streamlining of activities reinforces Rabobank’s ability to offer the best possible service to its commercial real estate customers.


Jan van Nieuwenhuizen, member of Rabobank’s Executive Board, emphasizes that real estate financing is an important activity within the Rabobank. “The expertise that FGH Bank has built up will be carried forward to a new real estate centre of expertise within the Rabobank. This will allow us to offer more direct contacts to customers and put our collective real estate and banking expertise to the very best use. The purpose is to offer our customers the best possible service.”