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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of people work for Rabo Real Estate Group?
Rabo Real Estate Group employs enterprising people. Our employees love their profession, have a hands-on mentality, are focused on results, enjoy taking responsibility, work together, have a good sense of humour, and are energetic, professional and highly educated. We refer to our employees as people who have proven their talent: men and women who have acquired a number of years of experience with renowned companies before they came to Rabo Real Estate Group.

What possibilities are there for a position abroad?
Those possibilities are limited for the time being. Most of our vacancies in other countries are filled through local recruitment. The number of Dutch employees currently working for Rabo Real Estate Group in other countries is extremely limited. Our policy does not include specifically training employees for placement in other countries. Many of the activities in other countries are coordinated from the Netherlands, however, lending an international nature to certain positions.

What will be done with my online job application?
Your job application will be assessed by the HR Advisor for the relevant division. That assessment is made with a view to both existing vacancies and future placement possibilities. You will be informed of the results of this assessment as quickly as possible. If you do not find a suitable vacancy, you can submit an open application. In that application you can indicate the type of position that you are looking for, and in what business unit. We ask that you also briefly explain your reasons. If one of our HR Advisors sees possibilities, you will be hearing from us.
Does Rabo Real Estate Group offer room to grow?
Rabo Real Estate Group is a successful business that offers its employees excellent growth possibilities. We believe it is important for our employees to show initiative in creating and using their own career opportunities. Rabo Real Estate Group employees meet with their supervisor once each year to discuss their development. This interview can result in arrangements for taking courses and/or starting a longer-term programme. The facilities provided by Rabo Real Estate Group in that respect are abundant.  

What are the characteristics of the Rabo Real Estate Group corporate culture? 
Rabo Real Estate Group’s corporate culture can be characterised as follows:
• Entrepreneurship: focus on achieving results;
• Professionalism: experts in their professions;
• Market and client focus;
• Quality: the drive to optimally perform.
• Informal: open, direct communication, transparent and accessible.

What employment conditions does Rabo Real Estate Group offer?
Our excellent-level employment conditions are modern. The Rabo Real Estate Group CLA is pleasantly surprising because of its comprehensiveness: “everything is taken care of”.